Trying to cut bike frames ( for physically impaired person ) ?

Hello once again,

I've sorta been sneaking around trying to decide what the best way to go about trying to cut ( basically a bike frame ) without doing it manaually and = or spending too much cash I dont have.

Welders look like they'd require a high skill level to hold and I cant really hold- or in fact even BE near things- that causes high or noticable rpm , so the hacksaw doesnt seem too great an idea either .

But what i was thinking ,was that I could use some of sort of clamp set up so that I didnt have to hold the hacksaw while cutting the frame ( its really a knee walker frame )

If this seems like a good idea or  any one has any other suggestions or ideas that might allow me to do this  , i really appreciate your opnion on the best way I should go.



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Goodhart5 years ago
Would having a JIG help?

Or possibly one like this one? 
NachoMahma7 years ago
.  Since you don't want to use a  manual tool, I'd look at a powered version of the roller pipe cutter that CameronSS shows in his comment.
hele (author)  NachoMahma7 years ago
Yes, thats what Ive been doing but I dont really see anything for the size I want other than something like this , which unfortuntely is only for copper / plumbing.
NachoMahma hele7 years ago
.  Ridgid makes units designed for pipe. See if they have what you want/need.
hele (author)  NachoMahma7 years ago
Thanks NM ,

I will ask on the forum there , maybe someone there will have some other suggestions too ?


P.S . What is CU tubing ?
NachoMahma hele7 years ago
> What is CU tubing ?
. Cu = Copper
. PS: A unit designed for Cu tubing should work with thin-wall Al pipe. They are both soft metals.
crapflinger7 years ago
you could make a "cable saw" ( first few hits there), basically it's a loop of abrasive cable that you pull back and forth around an object until it cuts through, though, you'd have to find something to cut through metal as most of the ones i see are for wood or PVC, then you could either set up a motor/pulley assembly to pull the cable back and forth.

of course, going that route, you could also make a simple machine that would push a normal hacksaw back and forth across whatever you're going to cut (basically use an electric motor with a wheel that has an offset attachment for an arm to make a piston go back and forth like a locomotive wheel/piston type thing). set it up, turn it on, and walk away (or put a remote switch)

they also have automated pipe cutting band saws that you just set up and press go on then walk away. they're designed for thick metal, or really thick pipe, and they're pretty damned expensive

hele (author)  crapflinger7 years ago
Yes, getting blade might not be so hard but the simple building of the machine would unless I has something to follow .

It would be cheaper though - no doubt , but is there any thing like this thats been done on here to use as reference ?


hele (author) 7 years ago
Thanks for your replies .

I can imagine my knee walker is thicker than 5mm ( i estimate maybe 2- 3 ) but hard to tell, so the pipe cleaner would be great - but maybe something I would need eletric if it requires a lot of strength ?

To caitlinsdad

Why would riggin up a powertool be a bad ideas i..e if it was resonably small / portable ?

Would the vibrations make it come lose , become hazard ( sry i am complete newbie when it comes to this )

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