Trying to repair micronta 22-164

I have a micronta talking multi meter 22-164 and after I put fresh batteries in it it keeps saying replace batteries. I found out other people have the same problem. 

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Mr_Liss3 years ago

I got a new multimeter from Harbor Freight Tools when they had a buy anything, get a free multimeter deal. I bought a hose clamp for $0.27, including tax. The multimeter works great and probably comes from the same Chinese factory as your Micronta. Have you tried different types of batteries in your multimeter? What types? Alkaline or general purpose or something else? Did you check the batteries with a different multimeter?

hi how is the results going I gave you did you get it working ok there is 2 blue trimpots vr1 and vr2 don't touch vr2 even clean trimpot with metho and cotton buds gently make sure battery contacts are touching not loose let me no how you go buy my email at

hi take front cover off and check your little blue trimpot no vr1 cleant it with metho and adjust that liitle trimpot comtrols the way the meter speaks

tim4 (author) 3 years ago
I tried different batteries and I checked them with another meter. I need a talking meter.
vince medlik tim42 years ago

hi I have some parts for multimeters but I need to see the multimeter so I can check it over with a scope meter but I live in Australia if you could sent it to me I might be able to fix it let me no what you want to do thanks vince