How do I give my speakers more power?

I recently took apart an old boom box and salvaged 4 working speakers out of it. Then, I thought it would be fun to mount them in my workshop so I could plug in my ipod and listen to music while I work. I've tested them out and they all worked when I connected the leads to wires from an old pair of headphones. The only problem is there not very loud, so I would like to give them some more power but I'm not sure how to do that. Two of them say 8ohm 3w, on the back and the other 2 say 8ohm 5w, and then I have another random speaker that says 2w, 8ohm, 4w max. So, how much power can those speakers handle (in volts and amps) and how do I hook them up? Can I just connect them in series with a wall wart and my ipod or do I need to build some sort of amp?

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cannedham160 (author) 8 years ago
Although small speakers from a boom box like that are good for little projects where you need some cheap audio shoved in somewhere. But for just tinkering around in the workshop with some tunes, you'd probably be better off buying a cheap used stereo from a yard sale. If I were you, I would either save the speakers for a project, or play around with them/see what kind of voltage it takes to burn the coils :P Have ya ever seen a car subwoofer plugged straight into the wall socket?
why ruin a woofer if you can sell it?
why ruin a woofer if you can USE it?
well if you don't have an Amp...
get / build one ! for loud and not perfect bass i think you can just use a power transistor and txformer
i've tried... you mean like a push-pull amp?
yep even simpler and inefficient dc-to-transformer amp
wanna give me a schematic?

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