Turn Signal Bike Jackets

Looks like Leah Buechley has been busy making even more Turn Signal Bike Jackets. From her Flickr post:
on the steps of Shih Chien U, prototyped by me w/ parts from the taipei electronics markets & made by (awesome) Shih Chien University fashion students

Picture of Turn Signal Bike Jackets
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justrelax7 years ago
 nice idea
blodefood7 years ago
Neat!  Could you add a feature where they both come on when you brake?
lemonie7 years ago
That looks very good, On the road I can see these being effective.

I am sure it is way more congested on the road than the picture above dictates.  It would lose its effectiveness when it blends into a mass of randomly blinking signals left and right.
When my bus is creeping behind a cyclist (being careful) - I tend to think "could you not get out of the way?" they don;t pay road-tax, need a license or MOT. I do see their lights and it would be good to see jackets like this.

These lights, any lights, would improve the visibility and safety of any rider but when you are in a congested urban situation like New York City as opposed to a more bicycle-friendly locale like as in Asia, the signaling function will be like how they treat the turn signals on their car, they won't use them or keep them both on just for the looks, or signal incessantly and not turn.  Maybe it's just the bike messengers ruining it for all.
If these came with every bike you bought from x bike store, this could start coming into the next step of cycling in the city. Safer, more visible, don't have to take your hands off the handle bars to signal... I like it.
PKM7 years ago
I'm not sure I'd want it in a jacket (especially one I ever intended to wash), but certainly as part of a high-visibility accessory like one of those light fluorescent jogging vests (http://www.gearwest.com/images/T/sportline-vest-802.jpg) I'd use one.  The ability to drape it over a backpack so the lights weren't obscured would also be handy.

To address caitlinsdad's concern, perhaps both lights should be on "dim" (or even snazzier, up and down Knight Rider/Cylon mode) until the user signals?  Then it would act as an effective taillight as well as indicators.
scoochmaroo PKM7 years ago
I have a strong feeling these actually are washable!

Leah's instructable is the one that introduced me to the lilypad arduino and conductive thread.  All you have to do is remove the battery, and wash away!
Goodhart PKM7 years ago
Yes, it is too bad they can't be constructed to be "velcro'd" to the back of the jacket, so they could be removed for washing.....oops....maybe I should have put that together before writing that, eh?  :-) 
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