Turn Your Drawings Into Real Objects Easily

Ponoko.com has added a very cool new feature to make it much easier for everyone to try out making custom laser-cut items. This new feature, called Photomake, allows you to take a picture of a drawing, submit it to the site, and get it laser-cut. No worries about setting up files, just draw with a black marker on a white sheet of paper and you'll be ready to go!

You can find out more info and watch a video of the process on the Photomake page at Ponoko.com.

Special offer for Instructables users
The first 100 Instructables readers to make something using Photomake will go into the draw to get their product made and delivered for free. To qualify they just need to enter "Instructables" in the Special Delivery Instructions text box on their way through the checkout.

Picture of Turn Your Drawings Into Real Objects Easily
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wocket7 years ago
i wonder if there is a simmilar australian service?
djeremie8 years ago
For people in europe the best is to use Create It Real, same services as Ponoko but you save on shipping. Cheers -Dje
 Dear djeremie,

Could you please post a link or web address for Create It Real?
I can't seem to find it anywhere.

Thank you.
Hi Friend of Humanity, if you google it, that's the first link to come. otherwise it is www.createitreal.com
noahh9 years ago
JellyWoo9 years ago
Plasmana9 years ago
That is awesome!
caitlinsdad9 years ago
It seems if you want to use an actual photograph of something, you need to preprocess it to turn it into a high contrast line drawing/black and white/outline before you upload the image. The drawing should look like a coloring book page so it can go through their no-adjust converter to generate the laser cutting pattern.
comodore9 years ago
It still wants my credit card number! :'(
fungus amungus (author)  comodore9 years ago
To make the stuff? You can test out the Photomake functionality without logging in.
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