Turn off lights around you

Does anybody know a gadget that when you are in the presence of an electronic device will shut it off. Like EMP or something. And if you know a store that sells them online please give a link. I really don't care if it's illegal. Which it may be, I don't know.

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jtobako10 years ago
There's TV-B-Gone, reportedly with up to 90' range... I prefer a sledge hammer, but some people prefer large caliber firearms. Most devices don't have a remote 'off' control, but you could try to generate enough interference to make them not work. Maybe an electrical spark generator or, if you know what frequency, a more powerful signal generator.
Danny jtobako10 years ago
make a super powerfull microwave and aim it in the direction of the object or a person... but i wouldent suggest it
twisted10 years ago
make your self a very large tesla coil, and it will emit enough EMP to kill phones and light and stuff. (It will also make 10 foot lightining!!!!! YAY!!!) i plan on building a small tesla coil soon, with 8-12 inch lightning. ~Twisted
LasVegas twisted10 years ago
Tesla coils do not produce EMP. They make very high voltage. The magnetic field produced is actually fairly small.
lemonie10 years ago
You could use an RFID device, but it would be less than straight forward. L
lemonie lemonie10 years ago
Sorry, you actually want to disable any electronic device at will don't you? Without touching the things, you would be after a powerful EMP gun I suppose...
Brennn1010 years ago
There is "The Clapper". Clap on! Clap off! Horaay. Like Vegas said, EMP devices are quite large and are tough to come by.
LasVegas10 years ago
An EMP device sufficient to so what you ask would be too large and heavy to carry around. It would require a fairly heavy truck.
Alphaviking (author) 10 years ago
Does ANYONE know anything about this?
Alphaviking (author) 10 years ago
There. Sorry about that again.
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