Turreted Logic Bow

just an update for all of you guys, I have posted the mods to the Logic Bow to make it turreted. Mods can be found on step 6.

If you haven't built it yet BUILD IT NOW!

Picture of Turreted Logic Bow
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~KGB~8 years ago
Fred the Penguin (author)  ~KGB~8 years ago


Fred the Penguin (author)  ~KGB~8 years ago
I have the concept for the FSAR now, if the thing I'm thinking of works it will be so awsome _____ will _______ *insert your choice of words here*
sounds great!
Nice. make the 36 shot turret
Fred the Penguin (author)  shadowninja318 years ago
I don't have the parts, I barely have enough to build a 18 shot turret, even when I have nothing else built.

oh and this is my entry for rebuilt guns thing.
Oh. okay that works.
Fred the Penguin (author)  shadowninja318 years ago
travw8 years ago
Eh, it's good, but if I'm going for a turreted gun, with great range, I'd go with a ratchet modded BR8. For these reasons:

-Faster firing
-Better range
-More piece efficient
-Faster reload (Though you could ratchet mod this too.)
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