Tweezers? What the world is THIS thing?

Ok, I acquired a small interesting device that kind of bothers me as to what the world it is.

I have been to the Kandykastle site to see what they carry (the only words on the device save for the batter number and voltage,  and "Made in Japan").

It acts like a pair of tweezers, but the end the touches is rounded (see pictures) and when closed the "button" midway down the handles turn on a RED LED which illuminates the one side of the hollowed out "pincer" portion.

I am ASSUMING it has something to do with candy (the name makes that seem pretty obvious......does anyone know off hand?

Picture of Tweezers?  What the world is THIS thing?
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Hello Kitty6 years ago
LOL, LR's right - they're tweezers for gummy worms. You can find them for sale here or here, and on Facebook here.

Goodhart (author)  Hello Kitty6 years ago
Tanks :-)
That's Lira to you. ;)
Tom1795xx6 years ago
It is probably so you can see whatever your have like a spinter or sliver and remove it.
Goodhart (author)  Tom1795xx6 years ago
Sadly, the tweezers are not really very "precise" and are indeed is stated below, it was for lighting up a translucent candy....
LAWL wtf is the point of that?
Goodhart (author)  Tom1795xx6 years ago
If you go to some of the links others have provided here, you'll see that they "light up" gummy type "glow worms" (or lightening bugs), that you pick up in the concave portion of the tweezers.....
hmmmmm how can I hack it?????? ;0)
Goodhart (author)  porcupinemamma6 years ago
I am thinking of ways to do that now, it is put together with tiny little metal screws fortunately :-) CTS has a good idea without the need of taking it apart
lol :0)
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