Twelve-year old lands dream job

A schoolboy has beaten thousands of other youngsters to land every child's dream job - official taster for a sweet company.

Harry Willsher's chief responsibilities will be eating Love Hearts, Refreshers and Cola Bottles in the name of research to make sure they are up to the standard expected by the average confectionery connoisseur.

The 12-year-old won the coveted post by emailing a description of his favourite sweet, the Drumstick lolly, to Swizzels Matlow, a confectionery company based in Derbyshire.

He's getting "sacks" of sweets posted to his house, a personalised overall, a tour of the sweet factory and £500 in shopping vouchers.

(Plus the number of a decent dentist?)

Daily Mail article.

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Flumpkins8 years ago
Does he get paid?
Plasmana8 years ago
Defiantly NOT my dream job, lol. I don't understand why so many people wants that job?
lemonie8 years ago
Also, "Refreshers" is not in Swizzels Matlow Limited's portfolio anymore - (look at a packet) L
Kiteman (author)  lemonie8 years ago
Kitewife will be devastated - she used to work there, packing sweets.
My librarian's grandparents worked at Cadbury's.
Kiteman (author)  KentsOkay8 years ago
Wow, top-tenuous link, there!
PKM Kiteman8 years ago
If you want tenuous claims to fame, my former university housemate received an intra-Oxbridge burn from Adam Hart-Davis after admonishing the latter for not washing his hands after using the toilet at some scientific society dinner or other.
lemonie Kiteman8 years ago
That is tenuous. I shared a flat with a guy who used the gentleman's lavatory at the same time as Shirley Crabtree, in Scunthorpe baths... L
. I knew a guy whose neighbor's Mother dated Larry Lujack.
OK I didn't know who Larry was, did you find out who Shirley Crabtree is / was? L
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