Twittering Bed for Newlyweds

We already have a chair in the office that twitters your toots, but now there's a bed that tweets when you get busy. The anonymous creator made this bed for his anonymous friend and it lets the world know when the action begins and ends and the intensity of the action.

Too much information? We'll see.


Picture of Twittering Bed for Newlyweds
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I believe this might be a hoax. Randolfo's chair uses python and Twitter's API to post updates. The updates sent from this 'bed' come from Power Twitter ( a Firefox plugin). If they are using Randolfo's chair method they would need an always-on PC running some code to update to Firefox plugin!! Most certainly the newlywed will notice something going on with his computer... Anyways just my 2 cents!
I've been wondering how they have the bed plugged in and where the data is being sent to.
zieak randofo8 years ago
I have been skeptical myself.  I also wondered how it doesn't detect someone sitting on the bed and putting on their socks or having a bad dream - or even just rolling over. 

I don't think it isn't possible.  Especially after randofo's proof of concept... I'm sure with some software you could figure out how to eliminate things like a restless night.  But the only testing info we have is a guy jumping on a bed for a few minutes.  
randofo zieak8 years ago
And at that, if he is measuring weight, why wouldn't he filter out one guy jumping on a bed? I would think you would only want to know of events with two people jumping.

And I wonder what type of sensors he is using. I don't think typical FSRs could handle the sort of weight range. Perhaps he hacked an electronic bathroom scale, but even then, (the weight of the mattress + the weight of two people ) would have to be less then 300 or so pounds. Perhaps if the weight were distributed to each of the bed posts and each had a scale sensor, this wouldn't be as big of an issue.

This thing raises lots of questions. Particularly, what 90% did he copy from my project. It seems the software and hardware are both different.
zieak randofo8 years ago
Indeed.  The calibration and testing necessary to calculate the weight between a mattress and boxspring... It would need to be the posts.  I'm going to have to call shenanigans.  Let's go get our brooms.
lemonie8 years ago
Did they see Randolfo's chair I wonder...?

It credits the chair with a link on Dec. 8th.
Jayefuu8 years ago
Didn't gmjhowe and han get married ? :p
Kiteman Jayefuu8 years ago
Beat me to it!