Two Knex Walkers of mine

Here are two knex walking machines of mine. Neither are bad, but both aren't great. I Might post the second one if I can make it better. They are both powered by two Knex Powerpacks. The first video is of the smaller one, and the second and third are the larger one.

Picture of Two Knex Walkers of mine
Knex 002.jpg
Big Walker 1.jpg
Big Walker 2.jpg
Big Walker 3.jpg
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pls9 years ago
Oh!, the first one will probably give me night mares... But heres mine:D Ideas from Viccie's "Stuart" walker.
I_am_Canadian (author)  pls9 years ago
Lol Nice! Thats good stuff! Video?
I don't understand how to upload a video to Instructables, i took a vid of my gating gun a while ago and tried..
You have to save it to your SD card, and give it a name you'll remember, then just do what you would do with a picture, but find where you saved it, and open! simple as.
I_am_Canadian (author)  pls9 years ago
Hmm... Im not much of a techno-geek myself...
when u post a comment hit the add images and then add ur vid instead. (i think thats how u do it)
try this.
builder968 pls9 years ago
there is a "video" button next to "link".
pls builder9689 years ago
it doesn't have a url
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