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Doctor What7 years ago

The video lacks basic editing skills, and sometimes cut off thoughts before they were complete.
Lateral Thinker (author)  Doctor What7 years ago
 My DSL is now going faster than light, 3000 kbps was the best it could do, and it dropped to below 2000, I was told it was 11000 on the pole outside when the tech tested it.

My router now reports that 13000 is attainable, and I am getting 8500 kbps downstream, A Gb per hour, my PC can not take it faster, so Aaren a neighbor is hooked up via wireless with his Imac and Ipod, he pays a bit, which means the DSL is easier on my budget.

What was the problem for the last 12 months? Another neighbor had had a working phone line, no jack point, and a cheap one microchip phone from China wired straight onto the phone line.

The key word above is "Had' as of 8-hours ago. And I put in a new cable, soldered onto the incoming line, the cable crosses the room 600-mm below the ceiling clipped to curtain wire. The router is being changed too as whatever powers the Sdram settings storage when the unit is shut down, is not doing its thing. The settings are backed up on my PC, if if the power goes off, I have to restore the settings off my PC

I am not back on line fairly reliability, but while the wireless router is away, I am trying my old one to see what that can do.
I also have some symptoms of bi-polar, but not too extreme. I think it may be even more just a breakdown of compensations as opposed to true bi-polar. I definitely think people are harmed by diagnosis, especially when You have had many labels over a period of time, I think even if they didn't harm you in physical and financial ways, (which they do). They absolutely harm your spirit.
can you share the bipolar symptoms? I think I can show you how they in fact are Aspie reactions 
Sometimes when I have been working really hard at the store, or have alot going on I seem able to cope really well, at one point I was working one store all day(pet store) and then working doing the remodel and building the filter systems for the new bigger store half the night. But once we made it past the grand opening of the new store. I fell into a bad funk where all I could do was sit in my office and stare at the wall, thinking holy crap, what have I done. Ive created a monster and there is no way out. I spent  $65,000.00 and built a 6000 sq ft store. I couldn't wait on customers, I would go home at night and sit or break down and cry I was depressed for weeks. This is the most extreme example.
Its more about swings in mood rather than the extremes.

Chris, you panic about store opening, that would be normal for lots of people.

Its because Aspies are so emotional, that experts misinterpret that as being bipolar
The old name for Bipolar was Manic Depressive which was done away with because its linked to the label "Maniac"

When mania swings to depression, the person afflicted will be so sad he (she too) will be having extremes of crying.

For Aspies, its more likely they are depressives, then when they get bullied and forced to do things in PG land, they tend to get stressed and agitated trying to protect themselves, which leads to talking faster, resulting in speaking too fast to be understood.

THEN you get labeled as Bipolar when if they had left you in peace, it would have been only depression because nobody understands you, nobody tells you why they treat you as different, ergo, there must be something wrong with you, and you go down and down.

I used to cry, but only after they said that was bad, and tried to cure me, that they also labeled me as bipolar
Doctor What7 years ago
 Bi-Polar.  Hmm.... I don't know much about that.

Though I do have infrequent bouts of depression and anxiety.  My most frequent one was triggered by a fight with my mom.  I was angry for well over two weeks, and completely isolated myself for those two weeks.  Meaning, besides social interaction at school, I completely housed myself in my room, coming down for bathroom breaks and food.  And nothing else.  For two weeks.  

Mostly, I was lost in my own thought.
Lateral Thinker (author)  Doctor What7 years ago
The anxiety is self feeding if you can not manage it Ethan and so is the anger, it overwhelms you, leads to tirednesses which can be called depression, it looks like depression but then the resulting isolation would have then led to depression,

Is best not to let that happen, try your best to break out of the rut, or path downhill.

Go and stay elsewhere, (Plan for a week, but just over 24-hours you will have enough and return home, back to normal)
Think of it as ups and downs emotionally only more extreme. Manic you don't need food or sleep and you can accomplish ALOT, down time is a black hole that you fall into after the high.

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