Two more hours left, before my Birthday is complete....

Yes, I turned 50 today. No whirlwind, no party, no production.....ate out at an Italian restaurant, but that was it. Oh, I took off work today until the end of the month....I go back next month :-)

Picture of Two more hours left, before my Birthday is complete....
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Happy birthday, mister! And yay for the vacation! I'm on vacation this week but I haven't done anything but sprain my neck and eat pastries. I hope yours turns out better!
Goodhart (author)  jessyratfink9 years ago
Thank today it SNOWED !!!! *sigh*
bumpus Goodhart9 years ago
The next town over from me got a two hour delay this morning... -_-.. But I have heard Pennsylvania in general will be getting quite a bit of snow this year! :D
Goodhart (author)  bumpus9 years ago
*groan*....I hate walking to work in the snow and with icy sidewalks and whatnot.
I don't like ice either, last Monday i slipped and fractured 2 bones in my wrist.OUCH!
And happy Fiftieth birthday also!
Goodhart (author)  cormac30509 years ago
Ooo, sorry to hear that. Hope you heal quickly. And thanks.
Thanks, and you're welcome.
Yay snow! It's snowed twice here so far. That's almost unheard of. I hope we get a lot this year. :)
Goodhart (author)  jessyratfink9 years ago
We normally don't get too much before January or February....thankfully it is not bad on the roads.
Flumpkins9 years ago
Happy belated 50 year one week/one day birthday!
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