Two new bugs: big gap for new comments box, and no Rich Editor

Welcome back, Matt!  Here are two more newly introduced bugs to add to your list:
  1. The "Add Comment" action introduces an absurd (roughly two windows' worth) amount of white space between the forum-topic text and the commend box.
  2. The "Rich Editor" button doesn't do anything, leaving all of us in the land of the stupidly broken "plain text" editor.  The paid users can put HTML tags (like <P>) in by hand, but everyone else is stuck up the proverbial flaming Cuyahoga, with neither paddle nor fire extinguisher.
Have a nice day!

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Well, both bugs you write about should be fixed. I'm using the rich text editor to make my post super awesome!

But's working...

...though, the add comment still disappears when you click cancel...that's getting passed up the chain right now!

kelseymh (author)  StumpChunkman7 years ago
Now that was annoying. I posted my previous comment, went to try the "Add Comment" link, and composed a new reply to report the result. I'bles ate my reply and instead created a duplicate of my first one! Stupid, stupid, stupid. Any way, it does appear that both of my reported bugs have been fixed.
hahahahahahahahahaha!! Yes...that would suck!  I've never tried switching from plain text to rich text....and I was going to switch back...but now I can't seem to find the link...

hmmmm...weird.  I did manage to switch one way though (and no letters were dropped...maybe I'm just slow enough that everything is able to keep up with me...kekeke.
kelseymh (author)  StumpChunkman7 years ago

Matt, this was the whole point of my PM to you and to Rachel.

There is NO WAY to switch back from Rich to HTML (misnamed "plain") editing. If you are a paid user, you can use the HTML Source button within the Rich Editor to get the same kind of data entry (i.e., all whitespace is collapsed to single spaces).

If you are not a paid user, then there is no "HTML Source" button. Non-paid users cannot enter HTML directly, and therefore they cannot use the workaround of putting HTML markup into the misnamed "plain" editor box to get the right format.

I admit to being terribly confused.
Can non-PRO users use HTML or not? I've gotten directly contradictory answers so far. :-(

EDIT: New bug! Entering this comment with the normal default box, I got a "missing body text" error. 


Sigh...trying to replicate and report... happened, I'm not insane, but I can't replicate it. I definitely got an erroneous "missing body text" message when trying to post a comment with text in it. Can't make it happen again though. Oh well...
I don't believe you...Screenshots or it didn't happen!!
:( RAGEQUIT when trying to post a sad sad internet picture I got "ERROR 500: org.hibernate.exception.GenericJDBCException: Could not execute JDBC batch update" SCREENSHOT ATTACHED
My turn to upload a picture.

(I managed to upload several in both the new and old uploader, from my computer and from the internet, and from my library tab [though I haven't tried to flicrk import tab]. I gave some tags, and some not, and everything loaded fine...

...don't suppose you can tell me exactly what you did?

Well, I tried to upload from this URL. Pasted that in, selected "internet", and hit "upload".
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