Typo on new member profile page

On the new style member profile page you have "Acheivements", should be "Achievements"

Picture of Typo on new member profile page
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mikeasaurus5 years ago
This has been fixed.
dreamberry5 years ago
Ach, ya' beat me to it!
I humbly defer to your greater knowledge of the oddness of the language.
Mind you, best not forget that all important  u ;)
Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk! :)
bosherston5 years ago
Alltogether now....

"I before E, except after C" :-P

Sure... foreign, beige, height, eight, neighbor... weird (just not achievements) :P
I was taught "I before E except after C and before G", still falls down on weird, but picks up most of the rest :-)
Feisty rule... :)
Devrimm5 years ago
A big spelling mistake for Instructables. If I do this, no problem but Instructables...