Typo on new member profile page

On the new style member profile page you have "Acheivements", should be "Achievements"

Picture of Typo on new member profile page
mikeasaurus2 years ago
This has been fixed.
dreamberry2 years ago
Ach, ya' beat me to it!
I humbly defer to your greater knowledge of the oddness of the language.
Mind you, best not forget that all important  u ;)
Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk! :)
bosherston2 years ago
Alltogether now....

"I before E, except after C" :-P

Sure... foreign, beige, height, eight, neighbor... weird (just not achievements) :P
I was taught "I before E except after C and before G", still falls down on weird, but picks up most of the rest :-)
Feisty rule... :)
Devrimm2 years ago
A big spelling mistake for Instructables. If I do this, no problem but Instructables...