UK: Boycott Marks & Spencer's

heads up -- Marks & Spencer's in the UK actually DYES their (perfectly good if past-due) food BLUE before tossing it out, intendending to deter or prevent urban recyclers and others who think waste is immoral, from scavenging their dumpsters. Reportedly they also slash the soles of shoes that get tossed so that they can't be reused. It makes NO difference to M&S, yet company policy is to ruin the goods. Imagine stomping on a bunch of bananas you couldn't sell at the end of the day, rather than giving them to a hungry person. If waste bothers you, consider thinking twice before having dealings with Mark's and Spencer's.

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BtheBike6 years ago
Capitalism .. Yay ..=/
Nope, public liability, health and safety cutlure, legislation.
A boss of mine in rural Alaska would do the same with specialized forklifts . When we upgraded ,he would ship the old ones out of the state so competing companies could not get their hands on our monopoly . The old adage ,'if i can't have it ,nobody can' .
webstore7 years ago
Unfortunately it is illegal to sell or give away food in the UK that is out of date. Having said that if you are poor and needy there can be little harm done eating tinned foods like soups that are only just out of date. That's why we designed our COMPLETELY FREE to use website for those seeking free food and for those giving away food for free.
Kiteman9 years ago
Got a source? Or have you seen them do it? (This is news to me)
stasterisk (author)  Kiteman9 years ago
yes, and I've seen the stained blue hands & clothes in the aftermath.
Apparently it's reasonably easy to get around the staining issue with nitrile gloves, all the packaged stuff is fine...
Oh... That's not good.
In that case the company is even more hypocritical than it would otherwise be. In 07 it said it was "trialling" using out of date food as a source of energy (biogas). Whether anything came of these trials, I don't know, but if this wastefulness is standard practice then I'd assume not.

Kiteman8 years ago
I contacted M&S for a comment on this. This is the reply I got today:

With food approaching the display-until date, the first step is to sell it at a discounted price to customers; it is then sold at a discounted price to staff. If there is any remaining food, local charities in the area will be called and the food offered to them, it may also be sent to the staff shop. If however, there is remaining food at the end of the day that has been unclaimed and is past the display-until date, it is stained with ink to prevent anyone from eating this from the bins. This is for safety reasons and for the benefit of the person who may eat it as eating out of date food can pose as a serious health issue.

Regarding clothing and shoe items, the only reason why these would be destroyed would be if there was a quality issue, for example if the heel of a shoe had been proven to be faulty. Otherwise, clothing and shoes are sent to outlet stores to be sold at a discounted price. They are kept there until they are sold or returned to the manufacturer.

That, as they say, is straight from the hourse's mouth.
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