UK Camping Meetup August 26th 2011

Just musing on a new idea for a UK meet, in, say July/August 2011, this time camping somewhere. No ideas where or what to do, apart from integrating some of the camping 'ibles and outdoor-sy ibles.

Any interest in the concept ?


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steveastrouk (author) 6 years ago
Right, Venue is Holly Bush camp site near Hay on Wye in Herefordshire, Friday 26th August until whenever - come for the weekend or longer.

gmjhowe7 years ago
Perhaps the Peak District would make for a nice central place? I know of a field round the back of Mam Tor near Castleton?

No idea for what we could do, might be fun to get materials, rods, etc, and built our own communal shelter for the weekend? Having got normal tents to hide/sleep in?
does it have trees
it has to other wise i cant climb them
or else there will be a consiquence
The consequence being you will have to do without climbing trees...

(For some reason, this reminds me very strongly of Winnie-the-Pooh...)
Dibs on being Wol!
Oh, that fits. :D
*chuckle*, not having "read" the books, but having seen all the shows and animations, I didn't know he spelled it that way, cute.
im definately being poo wait im mean pooh XC
Can we call you Pooh Face?
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