lemonie4 years ago

Could you add an example of what can be done in half an hour?

Jayefuu lemonie4 years ago
A lot. :) If you look at the blog roundup link, the protractor took about 4 minutes. The boxes took 10. The laser etched logos about 2 minutes each.
lemonie Jayefuu4 years ago
so I could get some etching done for £1.67, or a protractor for £3.33?

steveastrouk (author)  lemonie4 years ago
Plus a couple of quid material. The aim is to run several jobs at once, and reduce setup charges - there's probably a 5 minute overhead preparing a little job

5 quid min plus P&P?

steveastrouk (author)  lemonie4 years ago
About right.
steveastrouk (author)  lemonie4 years ago
Chess pieces took about 1 minute to cut.
Devrimm4 years ago

This is wonderful!! I was supposing only a cup of coffee for half an hour. Have a look!!!

gmjhowe4 years ago
A picture or two added to the topic would make for a better topic.
Making the links active also.
steveastrouk (author)  gmjhowe4 years ago
Hi Jake.

All the images are in someone else's files. Can I put image links in, or do I have to copy them into my photo space first ?