UK Makers Faire Newcastle, are you actually going?

So, both me and Hannah are actually going to the Makers Faire in Newcastle, we are staying in Durham, and catching the train into Newcastle for each of the days.

The hotel is booked, and we both have the time off work, so were are going to be there for sure.

My question is, who else can we expect to see there? Have you planned on going?

It would be nice to meet up with anyone who is going, if only for a quick hello.
I am hoping to have a version of my avatar on show so you can pick me out from the crowd.

I also hope to have some Instructables flyer/hand out cards. Perhaps with my username link, as well as general info on the site itself.

Yes I know other topics have been put up about the makers faire, but this is an ultimate final roll call to see exactly who is going.

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zombiefire7 years ago
when is the 2011 makers faire
It's in 2011...
Kiteman Kiteman7 years ago
The last one was in March, so plan on the next one being around that time.

Follow that link, and you can sign up for an email newsletter for updates.

On facebook Newcastle ScienceFest says "Next ScienceFest will take place 12-21 March!" But doesn't yet specify which weekend will host the Maker Faire. I hope those are the for 2011 as they appear to be the same as for 2010, but specifies that the Maker Faire had happened on 13th/14th which was correct. Lizzy
Me and Hannah are

Hannah and I are

Grammar Mistake
 I read three incomplete 'sentences' in your reply.
 I didn't mean to offend you, but I just wanted to be abrupt. 
gmjhowe (author)  M4industries7 years ago
 Get back under your bridge troll, if you can't take it, don't dish it out.

I'm sorry. Honestly, I am.

If I came across as a troll, I appologize for that.

gmjhowe (author)  M4industries7 years ago
 Just think twice about how you point out mistakes, more often than not, a PM would be the best way, and ensure to be polite, explaining that you are just trying to help.

A large statistic of creative people also lack language skills, its just part and parcel of how our brains work.
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