UMP-45 Redo

Alright so I was getting frustrated with my shotgun concept. Someone else can perfect it. I decided that after being asked if my old UMP-45 was worth building that it could probably use a tune up. So here's the new one. It's very similar to my old one but there are two main differences. First off, the barrel is longer. My old one was probably a tad too short. I have a feeling this one is too long but you can't really make one in between without getting complicated and it's pretty comfortable this way. The second main change is the barrel and firing pin. I used a hybrid type barrel using both a rod and connector barrel so that the ammo can fit through but so that the pin won't wobble. The firing pin uses the concept from my shotgun to be like a charging handle. It's a little further back but this was so the pin wouldn't fly out and I didn't want to move the trigger up + back barrel up.

Sorry, I didn't bother taking a picture of the stock. I just made a quick, crude wire stock because I didn't have the pieces to make the full one from last time. I was hoping someone else would be able to take the gun and add a folding stock for me. I'm still working on the handle and thinking about changing the trigger guard because it'll get in the way of the trigger unless you hold it down. Finally I have to test the reliability of this gun. After all that, I'll post it. I'll get a video tomorrow if I get the chance. I might be going out of town though.

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TheDunkis (author) 6 years ago
Mkay, I'm done with school so I think I might post it tomorrow. It has a somewhat cleaner design this time but the range doesn't seem as good this time for some reason. I guess I'm just not using a lot of bands but I could've sworn is was a little better. Oh well, as long as they leave the barrel without making the pin impossible to cock, it fires.
TheDunkis (author) 6 years ago
Nevermind, I need to build something new and didn't have the patience to take pictures for a full instructable. However, I did get many more pictures than last time so an experience builder should be able to build it and make an instructable for me. I'll post them later tonight if I get the chance. In the mean time, I'm just gonna mess around with my K'nex and see if anything decent comes out of it.
CuddlesMcT6 years ago
Could you post it right now anyway? I think if i have the concrete gun i should be able to enhance it a bit more and add a full stock
TheDunkis (author)  CuddlesMcT6 years ago
I destroyed it again. I got a picture of my second redo which made the front design a little better and the handle more comfortable though it lacked a good trigger guard. I'll grab it later. It still shouldn't be all that hard if people looked carefully at the internals. Most of the gun is empty space on the inside, really it's just paying attention to the barrel that you need to worry about.

However, I'm getting bored and lacking ideas, so I guess I might rebuild this and finally post instructions this week. I just want someone to help me improve it first.
Hm. The only improvements i think i can do from the picture above, is to make a more solid system and a stock. Other than that to be honest, it looks quite instructable worthy
TheDunkis (author)  CuddlesMcT6 years ago
Solid system? It's about as solid as it can get with the way it is designed. I did fill it in just a tad more. And then of course I want to add a stock but I just don't have the pieces to do so in this version. I figured it'd just post it and hope that finally having the instructions would be incentive enough for people to build it and try adding a stock of their own.
Whoops, meant to say "solid AIMING system". My mistake there.
TheDunkis (author)  CuddlesMcT6 years ago sights. Well I used my old sights from my posted UMP. They look better than what I have on the picture here but not quite realistic enough. I can't be bothered to make them look any better, they're already too big technically.
TheDunkis (author) 6 years ago
Yeah, while I wait for Oodassault V4 ideas to ferment, I'm going to redo the redo. I'm looking for someone who will help with the stock and anything else necessary.
I have a question, though. Would you rather I keep the firing system the way it is or should I try making an actual charging handle separate to the firing pin? It would probably be weaker but more realistic this way. The tricky part is that the charging handle would probably be the top of the barrel so that they would both fit. Again, if you guys don't want me to bother, I'll save myself from wasting time experimenting and just finish it as is.
TheDunkis (author)  TheDunkis6 years ago
Never mind, I just went ahead and remade it like it was before but with a few small mods here and there. I think I might just post it as it is and let others improve it as needed.
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