URGENT Need Hard Drive Converter Recommendation SATA --> IDE

My parent's laptop took a crap on them. I'm 60% sure it is hardware related (well, not the HD that is).

Unfortunately, they never backed up their photos and our family trip to Mexico is on there (the photos :P). What really sucks (kinda) is that the HD is SATA. It sucks because I don't have a SATA enclosure (but I do have an IDE).

So do I go with a SATA to USB2 converterSATA to USB2 converter -- or a SATA to IDE converterSATA to IDE converter?

This is urgent because I need to determine if its the HD or some other component so that it can be sent in for warranty repairs. Crossing fingers that its some sort of hardware.

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trebuchet03 (author) 10 years ago
So I went with the USB2 converter - one that does IDE and SATA to USB2... It also comes with a power adapter and SATA power cable.

I'm using a laptop to restore (so buying a SATA controller is out of the question). I can have the USB cable and an external enclosure connected at the same time so I don't even have to copy to my laptop drive (I can go from the laptop to the external). I also think I can use this cable more than a SATA converter.

I spent $19.89 shipped off eBay

Kentek- I can post a picture of the HD if you want. It looks like a regular SATA connection and SATA power connection. I too was surprised that it wasn't mini IDE - but things keep on changing :P
I think you can get an IDE to SATA power connector from Fry's or similar outlet. Maybe easier to check with firend(s) who may have new SATA PCs. On XP once you boot with your damaged running you may have to make a change in the BIOS depending on mfgr. Also, go to My Computer | Manage | Disk Management. On Right window you should see the drive listed w/o a drive letter. give it a unused letter 'Z' or whatever and click 'apply'. You should then be able to see it w/o re-booting. Grab your data. After you get the data you may be able to re-format without further issues.
kentek10 years ago
Most likely if the disk still spins up the data is in tact. I suggest you spend a few bucks to get their data. If you have a PC desktop go to NewEgg.com and buy a Adaptec SATA PCI controller for about $55. You may need a cable converter but I doubt it. I have never seen a SATA laptop drive. Can't imagine that the data cable would be different, but I could be wrong. DC power could be an issue. Anyway, with a SATA controller on you PC connect the laptop SATA drive to port #1. Get DC power from PC power supply. (you will need an adapter of some kind)On newer PCs you wont even need to driver, it will just find it at boot. Let me know if I've missed any thing as far as connecting the laptop drive. Good luck.
LasVegas10 years ago
Both would work well. The SATA to IDE, would be the faster (and less expensive) approach, even for installing in an external enclosure.
Wetdog LasVegas10 years ago
What I believe you want to do is hook up the drive to: 1. see if it works and 2. recover the data. A converter will do this and they run about $30.Get the one you think your most likely to use again. However the are other ways. You could try changing you boot sequence in the BIOS to CD first. Then boot from a bootable CD (Doesn't have to be windows, linux will work also) I have been sucessful in recovering data with bootable disc. After you recover the data (w/luck) re partition the disk (fdisk or disk managment tools with 2000 on up, or 3rd party software) Do a clean install of the OS and try the drive to find out if it's good. If you have new cables use them to eliminate the possiblity of a bad cable! I hope this helps!
trebuchet03 (author)  Wetdog10 years ago
I was unsuccessful at booting up with a knoppix CD (only thing I had at the time). It just started hanging in the middle of the boot sequence. I've also tried an XP recovery disk which found no problems with the drive... On top of that, S.M.A.R.T. in the HD has not been triggered. I've exhausted every method I can think of minus connecting as an external drive... but thanks for the help ;)