US no longer melting pot, to be politcally correct

I heard today that to be politically correct the United States are no longer considered to be "a melting pot". I don't remember what it is now or where that idea came from though... but its no longer "a melting pot".

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well its bound to be this way....remember"Bring me your poor, your disposessed etc." melting pot fruit salad, choose your dish. ireland is getting loads of poles and czechs and our litle nation is better for it
dsman1952769 years ago
that is what my history teacher said. but he said now we are a "tossed salad!!!"
Yeah, that's the phrase I heard several years ago. They need a new term for it.
Yeah, especially if someone make it a Fruit salad LOL
IDK a teacher talking about tossed salad strikes me as very funny.
How about Balkanized?
Brennn109 years ago
Well, the idea came from the idea that the United States has so many different ethnicities, cultures, immigrants, and people. We were considered a melting pot of culture.
wingman246 (author)  Brennn109 years ago
well i knew that much i just can't remember the new politically correct term for the US
Yup, and the problem is that the cultures don't want to be completely mixed. They want to retain their identity.
trebuchet039 years ago
I'd think it more like a centerfuge'd test tube... Lots of layers of a fluid that was once homogenized - now the layers don't want to be mixed and can't be easily mixed...
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