Is there in the world of genius any body there who can make usb drive to mp3 player or any circuit by which connecting a pen driver with having mp3 files can be played. if possible i can only say to him YAHoooooooooooooooo.

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Morte_Moya10 years ago
I found this:


Hope it helps. Its all I could find.
I found this at walmart: VR3 MP3/WMA FM Modulator w/USB Port and Audio, VRFM8BLN if you found a new power source and added an antenna the the fm transmitter to increase the range, there you go!
nbagf pinto5057 years ago
i relize i am replying to an old post but if you find a power source for it you can just buy a mp3 with fm radio or buy a cheap portable fm radio.
It should run off of just a 9 volt battery,. Most things that run on 12 volts will run on a 9 volt. Not very long mind you, but I know a CD head unit will run for about 15 minutes off of one. ((Just don't turn the volume up very loud or it will start to clip.))
You can visit and for more details.
that would be handy to have
This is really simple to connect a usb drive to an mp3, it might not do anything but... Plug in the mp3 cable to connect to computer. Now get 2 male to female usb extension cord. Cut the 2 female ends off of your cables and strip the wires. Solder them correctly by color. You now have a female to female connection. So you can plug your mp3 into one, and the usb drive into the other. Im not sure if like, mabey you can add music to the drive then when you plug it in, in the music section will be another folder with your usb drives music. Test it and reply back, I always looked into this.