USB build!

What USB are you  building latey???? This is my newest usb thing that I have made!!

Picture of USB build!
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Lots lately, whiskey drive went wrong but was interesting, got a really different project coming for a flashdrive
TSC (author)  killerjackalope6 years ago
Hm sounded cool!!
Check my published, the builds all there
TSC (author)  killerjackalope6 years ago
Hm cool!!!!!!!!!!!!
TSC (author)  killerjackalope6 years ago
I know the feeling of having an awesome usb idea not turn out well. My S&M Barbie USB Hub would have been amazing...
Only a three-port hub?
No some used double porting :O
DP just saves space. Why confine yourself to a one port to one connector when you can easily fit two?
Well if they fit that easily then your only satisfying her craving for efficiency
It depends on how many knives you have.
So I guess the Ken USB Hub didn't work out either?
Its a bit crap but you still get to make and do stuff