USB doomsday device usb hub

I'm sure most of you have seen the USB doomsday device usb hub on thinkgeek, I'm looking to make my own, anyone have any suggestions on where to begin? I have a usb hub so i assume ill just need to rig up some lights and switches to a box, can't imagine it'll be that tough.

Itnick (author) 8 years ago
Ok so I found the red button, light, and 2 switches. Hopefully that enclosure will work then Ill just need to find somewhere that sells the lock and key and a clear plastic enclosure.

red button http://tiny.cc/uT9hI
red light http://tiny.cc/GyWzZ
switches http://tiny.cc/DirAJ
Itnick (author) 8 years ago
I found some of these project enclosures on radio shacks website, has anyone purchased any of these? http://tiny.cc/pxSoS Im thinking about using one of these as the enclosure.
whatsisface8 years ago
Yeah, easy as they come. Put all the switches in series, a resistor and then a red LED or two. If you want a sound effect as well put in a Radioshack sound recorder module and record an explosion effect from your pc with it.