USB headset Speakers?

I hate playing socom with a headset when friends are around because they cant hear what the other people are saying. Is there anyway to make it so my Logitech headset can be wired to speakers but maintain the microphone function?

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LasVegas10 years ago
Why not simply direct the audio out to the audio card/chipset and keep the mic set to the headset. This would be simple on a Mac with the Audio MIDI Setup utility.
d_child (author)  LasVegas10 years ago
Well I tested it last night and it worked. I just need a stronger amp... I used a walkie talkie amp and speaker and could barely hear anything up close. Tonight I am going to go get maybe a old Television or clock radio. And Las Vegas I need it for my playstaition not mac.
d_child (author) 10 years ago
I will more than likely still use the headset just for mic purposes so there is not back ground noise. I will just completely rewire everything with a little stronger gauge of wire right now it is my guess a 36 or 40 gauge. I attempted to solder but it just broke.
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VIRON10 years ago
Amplified speakers would be good, now you just need some sort of pickup on the earphone. Ideas: 1.a coil of magnet wire (ripped out of a very cheap speaker?) earbud from a dead mp3 player 3.a tape head (cassete, microcassette, answering machine, whatever) 4.a suction cup telephone recorder adapter (obsolete) 5.guitar string pickup?
d_child (author) 10 years ago
Is this how the wiring should look?
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NachoMahma10 years ago
. If inserting the headphone plug kills the sound to your speakers, then all you need to do is short out the switch built into the jack. Then you will have speakers and headphones at the same time. You stand a chance of getting feedback through the mic, but with a headset, that shouldn't be a problem. . There's no current to speak of, so a small gauge wire with tiny alligator clips make a good temporary jumper.
d_child (author) 10 years ago
What kind of amp would I be looking for? On hand I have an abundant source of speakers. Ranging from small 3 inch home to 12 inch home and 5 inch auto
You'd only need something small, like an old tape player or a headphone amp. The larger the speakers, the larger the amp you'll need.
whatsisface10 years ago
You could try taking the headset apart, attaching a parallel connection to the speakers and then attaching these to an amplifier, connected to speakers. You'd have to be willing to butcher your headset and have wires hanging out of your head (if you still intended wearing it).