USB install of a 'pot' to dim or reduce the volume on a USB speaker

Hi Folks,

Might someone know how to place a 'pot' into a USB speaker circuit?   I have one speaker, every time an instructional comes on, the volume is too loud, to soft, then I have to go to control panel to increase or reduce the sound. I figured that a variable pot might work. I have the pin outs for USB, 2,3 are D-, D+, 1 vcc, 4, grnd.

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hohum (author) 5 years ago
sorry forgot to ask,, would a 100k pot work??
You can't adjust the volume on the USB interface !

The only way would be to open up the speakers and add a volume control in there.
hohum (author) 5 years ago
love the cat pic,

Thanks so very much justdoofus, i'll try it.

Justdoofus5 years ago
Hey Jack, You must wire the Pot in series with the speaker in order to adjust volume.

VCC ---> speaker GRND, ----> POT + ------> USB GRND