USB to Arduino USB Wirelessly?

I am currently working on a robot that has a deadline in about a week, and so far, there is only one problem we haven't solved yet: Communicating with it without a wired connection.

Currently, we have a program on a desktop send the Arduino the gcode via USB cable. What we would like to do, is send that information without actually having it connected with a wire. Originally, we were going to have a Bluetooth module connected to the arduino directly, and have the desktop program communicate with it. Unfortunately, due to time constraints, we haven't managed to get it working, and would like to move onto plan B: communicate through the USB port, and essentially leave the Arduino untouched. 

I did a little googling, and I wasn't able to figure out very much on Bluetooth dongle -> Bluetooth -> USB that was actually positive and helpful. Currently, we have a few HC06 bluetooth modules lying around, as well as a few spare Arduinos. I was thinking of connecting one of the modules to another arduino, connect that arduino to the robot's arduino, and communicate with the first arduino via the bluetooth. Essentially, the first arduino would be an interface for the second one. Would this work? How would I go about doing it?

In short: What would the best method to communicate between a PC and the USB port of an Arduino wirelessly be?

Anything helpful is always appreciated, thanks!

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Downunder35m9 months ago

With little to no time left you won't have a chance to get a dongle working.
Serial communication through BT or Wifi is not a big problem, we had a topic about that a few days ago.
A user needed to send long numbers and failed, basically the same as sending Gcode...
Using a WiFi enabled SD card might be an option too....

RocketPenguin (author)  Downunder35m9 months ago

Would a wifi SD work? If I plugged it into an adapter, and the adapter into the USB port, would anything happen?

The SD goes onto a shield or is connected with a serial connection.
You won't get a SD working over USB on an Arduino.

Kiteman9 months ago
RocketPenguin (author)  Kiteman9 months ago

None of those tutorials involve feeding data through the USB port of the Arduino. They all involve integrating a bluetooth module into the existing code.

Worth a try.

RocketPenguin (author)  Kiteman9 months ago

What is worth a try?

To embed a Bluetooth module into the program?

The issue is, there already is one embedded into it; it simply doesn't work. The code wasn't designed by me, and is too complex for myself or any of my highschool team members to figure out why it doesn't work (Though, we have tried quite a lot so far.)

Due to time constraints, we'd simply like to go from the USB end of it.

I meant the search...