I am supposed to have a pro membership. I received some emails regarding my pro membership expiring, now when I look at my own profile it says my pro membership doesnt expire for almost another year, but I'm still not marked pro.

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Sparky19714 years ago
I was trying to do a download tonight and a message came up that it was only available for PRO members. I did join in February, why can't I download???
Pro Memership is a paid function. If you paid for a Pro Membership and are not seeing it activated please email with your receipt number, username, and email address you used when you signed up, and we'll get it sorted out right away!
ShadyLogic5 years ago
This sometimes happens when an old membership fails to renew. If a new membership is created without cancelling the old one it can cause a conflict. I've gone ahead and fixed this issue for you, so you should be good to go!
you fixed it but it quit again its not that it just doesnt say pro but my pro thingies dont work either! badges etc. the email said to check browser its ei9 new and no add ons and cookies good to go! now what? will send copy of this to service also!it's frustrating since I wanted to start adding instructables now. Do you think I should just pay again? if I cant get it fixed any other way???Mary
Hi there! I believe I've solved the issue with your PRO memberhsip. Please check your email for the details.
I also have this issue. Can I get it fixed also

please email with this request along with your username.
I also have this problem. I was charged 11.97 back in October and no pro membership. I have emailed service@instructables 3 times. No response
kz1 alison5284 years ago
Hmmmm. This not good, Kemo Sabe . I have same problem. Sending email now. Will advise if get no rise.
mikeasaurus kz14 years ago
Just wanted to let you know that we got your email and will get you sorted with your Pro Membership soon! We should have this sorted in the next few days.

The user above who contacted us (alison528) had his Pro Membership issue dealt with on the day he published that comment, and you can see his "Pro status" next to his name.
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