UV LEDs for Sanitation

Would UV LEDs be suitable for sanitation purposes? If so, does anyone have information on how many, of what type, and how long exposure is required for different materials? Thanks!

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caitlinsdad8 years ago

You might have to research what they use on specs by getting replacement parts. I think there are also UV light water filter units. Good luck.
Weissensteinburg (author)  caitlinsdad8 years ago
Thanks. A tooth brush was one of the things i'd like to use it for, as well as sponges and dish towels.
My mom has one of those toothbrushes.
Do you know if it uses a regular type of UV bulb or does that use a special LED, then again, I guess you wouldn't be staring into the thing when it is on unless you want a tan.
I think it's a bulb type thing, because I can see what seems to be a filament in there (when it's turned off of course, because for one thing it has a safety mechanism where it only lights up when the door on it is shut)