Ugh I need help with buying stuff... No it's not about getting the money.

So I worked some odd jobs and saved up enough cash to buy a T-shirt that I've really wanted to buy.  However, it's only available online, and I only have dollar bills.  

The problem is that I need a credit card of sorts to buy stuff online, and I can't get a card at the bank due to the fact that I'm a minor according to my bank. Mom says she won't let me use her card unless I do some more work for her (WTF?), just using it and then giving the cash to her to reimburse isn't good enough.  The site I wish to buy from does not have any giftcards or any store cards or anything like that.

Any ideas?  

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lemonie7 years ago
If you still ain't got this fixed, how about asking your friends "Can you buy me this if I give you the cash?"

l8nite7 years ago
stop listening to blue aliens and give your mom a hand
DJ Radio (author)  l8nite7 years ago
Was that post absolutely necessary?  Doubt it.
bumpus7 years ago
Prepaid Visa. Buy with cash at a convenience store, use for online purchases.
DJ Radio (author)  bumpus7 years ago
You may want to look into using that Visa to set up a PayPal account, then switching the fund-source of the PayPal to your bank account.
DJ Radio (author)  Kiteman7 years ago
Ugh the prepaid visa didn't work.  Any other suggestions?
Do you have your own bank account? You could set up a paypal account. You could find the shirt on a different site that accepts your bank card, you could ask an older friend to help you out.... show them the cash, ask them to buy it then pay them when it arrives. OR you could print it yourself :p What t-shirt is it?
there's no name on the card so its a issue of liability
Get your mum to buy it and give her the cash?
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