Need More Entrants in Art Contest

Ugh!!! I need more people for this contest!!! Please join my art contest!-> Thanx!

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nfk116 years ago
i cant put my weapon drawings
lil larry (author)  nfk116 years ago
Why not? :l
nfk11 lil larry6 years ago
i dont just says all my ibles but one,my weapons.
lil larry (author)  nfk116 years ago
Oh! Well, it doesn't matter that much. You still have a whole bunch of instructables entered.
Edit this topic to include a link to the contest, also change the title to something more informative like - More entrants needed for art contest or just readvertise it...
lil larry (author)  killerjackalope6 years ago
Oh ok. Thanx for telling me! :D
I looked up your stuff, posting a forum topic in the first place rather than just a group would've helped too...

If I get round to drawing anything or making me some art I'll be sure to enter though...
lil larry (author)  killerjackalope6 years ago
OK! Thanx! :D
I just joinedXD ;P
lil larry (author)  I LIKE TURTLES6 years ago
Thanx! May be it can be started with only 4 people! *roll eyes*
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