Uhhh, Soo Stupid!

Well, i'm not allowed to play knex for a while, cuz i shot my 11 year old bro. Let me tell you the story:
I built a cheap block trigger, with  a red firing pin (sorta like the one in the picture) and shot his hand from a good distance (6 feet) and he started crying. Get This- The gun had two really stretchy elastics on it, and it couldn't even shoot across my room! I shot my hand from 0.5 feet and hardly felt it! Now my knex is taken away!

Picture of Uhhh, Soo Stupid!
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DJ Radio8 years ago
For how long are you not allowed?  Oh and your bro is either the wimpiest wimp in the world, or he just faked crying to get you in trouble.
Seleziona (author)  DJ Radio8 years ago
i got it back 4 days after, and he is always trying to get me in trouble, and he's wimpy.... lol
~KGB~ Seleziona7 years ago
this happens all the time to me, i feel your pain...
Seleziona (author)  ~KGB~7 years ago
~KGB~ Seleziona7 years ago
true, true....
guts bro.
Seleziona (author)  Fred the Penguin8 years ago
sorry NZ slang for "that sucks for you"
Seleziona (author)  Fred the Penguin8 years ago
you are making no sense....
guts bro is New Zealand slang for "that sucks for you"
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