Ukelele Orchestra of Great Britain - UOGB

These people are so 'other' that I need to share them with you - hoping to see them live in the smallest city in the UK on the 27th.


Picture of Ukelele Orchestra of Great Britain - UOGB
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I love their compilation piece "Flying Off The Handel" - linkie here:
bosherston (author)  Cardinal Fang6 years ago
Is that as easy to do as they make it look? Very impressive.

Where have you been?
I'd forgotten about you until today.

bosherston (author)  lemonie6 years ago
You have to understand that right now it's mackerel season.

Then there's the kids... [shudders] Oh and we got a dog. [more shudders]

....."I'd forgotten about you until today."...   Charmed I'm sure.

So what's the coup, Any projects on the go?

Anything on the go? Yes but I've not been taking photos (not perfected yet).
I like mackerel, one of my favorites.

PKM8 years ago
I saw them in Cambridge, the guy with the long hair quietly took out his ponytail and headbanged through Back In Black, it rocked :)
bosherston (author)  PKM8 years ago
Awesome! It would please me verily if this thread were to include a link to everything they've ever done! Rules.... #1. One unique link per comment - pick your favourite UOGB cover track and say why. that's it. C'mon venerable people - indulge me!
This weekend I saw a local 3-piece cover Kraftwerk's Das Model with two guitars and a violin (amplified). I was impressed. L
bosherston (author) 8 years ago
I didn't get to go in the end due to sickly child, oh well next time!
bosherston (author) 8 years ago
Their Smells Like Teen Spirit is truly something to behold.
I thought that the Mnozil dudes were some kind of Mariachi outfit - but it looks like they're rocking the Teutonic-ness.
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