Ultimate Pirate Ship Bedroom

Pirate ship bedroom? Shiver me timbers!

Designer Steve Kuhl used 2x12 ribs to construct the hull of the ship, covering them with layers of 1/2 inch plywood to act as the planking.
"But that's not all. The room is also decked out with a rope bridge that connects the pirate ship to the top of a jail cell, and a rope suspended from the ship's hull provides drop-in access to the closet. There's also a completely hidden spiral slide, that lets you travel downstairs in a more adventurous way."

Check out this pirate ship bedroom, there's 14 pictures that show the bedroom from all angles and even a computer model that illustrates the spiral slide.

via: mymodernmet.com

Picture of Ultimate Pirate Ship Bedroom
builderkidj6 years ago
good god thats cool
ElvenChild6 years ago
oh my gosh
Wasagi6 years ago
I am drooling.
Kiteman6 years ago