Ultra-sonic teenager deterrent

I've seen kits and plans online for ultra-sonic teenager deterrent devices but I can't imagine that they are all that complicated.  There is a large group of teenagers that hang out smoke, litter, stall traffic and make a great deal of noise across the street from my home.  I believe that having one of these devices and hiding it within range of them somewhere on my own house would be a great way to get them to disperse to somewhere else.  If anyone has made one of these devices and would like to share their design I would greatly appreciate it.

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gmoon7 years ago
There is such a thing as a sonic deterrent for teens--play "classical" (orchestral) or big-band music.
wobbler gmoon7 years ago
That would work on me too and I'm definitely not a teenager. Plus you might then start to collect groups of old folks doing impromptu tea dances on their zimmer frames or the Big Band Chapter of the Hell's Angels.
I agree about the comment from ChrysN, however I found playing the Brandenburg concerto on my cd player in the garden on a continuous loop did the job for me a couple of years ago. Not too loud, just enough to get on their nerves. Of course you could always try the other thing that seems to make teens vanish & start a discussion about them getting a job :-)
mad magoo7 years ago
gmoon already mentioned this, but I'll second it: Just play some golden oldies! A mall in my area plays the worst of the British Invasion nonstop outside its front doors and it works beautifully. Your neighbors, if they're older than 40, likely won't mind. As long as you keep the speakers on your own property and follow noise ordinances, it should be legal.
Zafthan (author) 7 years ago
I don't want to get arrested and I don't want any adults to hear or be bothered by it. Thanks for the suggestions though.
Hide in a bush, so no one will see you shoot them.
Grassy knoll is preferable.
Much better than the "Gassy Knoll"!
Comrade Skunkbait, I thought you went underground or gave you a new identity like Hello Kittybait or something.
Haven't gone underground just yet, just a little preoccupied. But if you ever see "Hello Kittybait" around, you'll know I had to make a quick getaway for one reason or another.
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