Um. What's going on here?


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Did you mean ultimate? Or do you mean that there is two "ultimates"?

Gosh, this is the second K'nex forum I've posted on, WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME?!

Maybe it has something to do with the face-snatchers.
I know what you mean... I keep looking at the kenx forum post....but its becuase I just read the tittle and don't realize its Kenx gun crap util after I get in..... and sometimes I post anyway.... don't feel bad.... it happens.
Perfect Duck (author)  chaoscampbell9 years ago
This isn't really about K'nex, it's about two instructables that are almost identical.
Lol, I know, weird.
What was the point of that bump?
The fact that they usually occur after someone has posted a seemingly pointless reply to an ancient thread. Its annoying.
Well, sorry. I don't see how it's "annoying".
shut up
Dude, not all people love k'nex. Don't tell people to " shut up " when they are just voicing their opinion. So if anything, you shut up.
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