Unable to ask a question anonymously

I am unable to post a question anonymously. It will allow me to fill out the form to do so, but when I hit "preview", I am sent to a login page. It will only allow me to continue if I enter my username and password. I followed the link from the home page, and I logged out to try this. OS - Vista Tested in the following browsers: FireFox v 3.0.5 Chromium v (8613) Chrome v Internet Explorer v 7.0.6001.18000 (bleh!)

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rachel9 years ago
I believe this is fixed now. It was an intermittent issue involving the differences between the production environment and the development environments. Everyone, please post a comment here if you are still unable to ask an anonymous question (with details as in the original forum topic).
gmjhowe9 years ago
Try using a proxy?
kelseymh9 years ago
Okay, I don't think this is actually a bug. You cannot create anonymous Forum topics (or I'bles) either.

If you access I'bles anonymously, and navigate to a Forum, you can click the [New Topic] button. It will bring up the regular login page, and after you've logged in it will redirect you back to the text entry form for creating a Forum topic.

The Ask a Question part of the new Answers is equivalent to creating a new topic, so I'm not surprised it behaves the same way.
Lithium Rain (author)  kelseymh9 years ago
Well, I thought it was a bug because Ewilhelm specifically said "you don't even need to create an account or log in". But I could be wrong.
Ah! Then its a missing feature :-) It's pretty clear that they implemented Questions by reusing all of the very nice topic-creation code, just defining a new "type" value (that's the "/tag/type:question/" part of the URL for the Answers list).

If Eric (as you say) wants anonymous Questions, then the Dev team has some work to do :-)
Lithium Rain (author)  kelseymh9 years ago
I spy with my little eye...something ungrammatical... :D
Rachel! Get back to work! >Cracks whip<
Pah! I spit on your whip! Actually if you really want to ask a question anonymously, you have to log out to do so, and simply use a different email address to get your answer notifications.
Lithium Rain (author)  rachel9 years ago
:D I tried that...no joy. Do ya'll not like tempinbox.com or something?
Can you be more specific about the joylessness? PM me if you want, but in order to track this down I'll need to know details like exactly what you entered, on what page, your login status at the time, the error message (if any) that you got, or just What Happened Next (see Writing a useful bug report for extra detail). Thanks!
Lithium Rain (author)  rachel9 years ago
Oh, sorry. Sure, in fact I can go into painful detail. :D I've tried this many times. The most recent time, I logged out and deleted alll my cookies just to be sure. Then I asked "How much does Rachel rock?" (Yes really. Yes, I wanted to frame you. :D) by entering it into the box on the front page. Then it went to the page to enter more information. In the body I put "What do you think?". Around this time I started longing for oreos, but I held my ground and continued to input data. I used the email adrianmonk95ATyahooDOTcom (junk email). I entered it in category Life and entered "life" as the only keyword. I entered the capcha. Then I hit preview and it redirected me back to the login: page.
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