Unable to find ebook download button

I can not find a button to download an ebook from the ebook page.  What am I missing?

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Jayefuu5 years ago
Can you include a screenshot of the page? And a link to the page you're having problems with. Perhaps it IS missing.
Jayefuu Jayefuu5 years ago
This is what it should look like. When I was at work the otehr day however the big yellow buttons were hidden under the description slightly. I didn't report it as a bug however because I couldn't replicate it on any other browser or computer I had access to. Just on my PC, with Firefox 14.

I think it's this problem :

The description window overlaps the buttons (scrolling the scrollbar doesn't reveal them) . If I disable scripts, as shown in the second image, the buttons are now visible.
I'll submit this as a bug report. Can you please tell me what browser and OS are you using to see this?
It's Firefox 13:01 and Windows 7.
elrodqfudp (author)  Jayefuu5 years ago
When I would click on a book I was not getting the screen you show.
Everything seems to be working correctly now.

Thank You,