Unbearably cute use for K'NEX...

Clever use of an infinitely recyclable material - the parts can go back to being a ball machine the minute the piglet and up as sausages.

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crapflinger4 years ago
i think it's funny that more than half the time he's just lifting his back half and the wheels up instead of wheeling around...could probably save on some parts by just building some kickstands instead of using wheels.
Kiteman (author)  crapflinger4 years ago
As he gets bigger, he'll find it harder to balance on his front trotters.
being a teacup pig, he's not gonna get much bigger.
Ya hurt ya what?
kelseymh4 years ago
Is Mrs. Butcher related to Mr. Todd the barber?
You mean Swine-y Todd..?
Ba-da-bing! Well played, sir; well played.
I thought exactly the same.
iceng4 years ago
Pigs are basically clean creatures and can be trained to use a to use an elimination area.

My concern is Babe will outgrow outweigh the capabilities of K'NEX ....

Fr-Pa-Co4 years ago
That's so cute