Unboxing our new Epilog Laser Cutter!

We got something awesome in the mail today - our new Epilog laser cutter!

Check out the unboxing photos - I'll post more once we've got it set up and running.

It's a 75 watt Epilog laser with a 24"x36" bed - we're going to make some awesome stuff with this one. If you have some great ideas for things to laser cut, bring your plans and materials to to one of our build nights and try it out. (PM me if you have any questions.)

You can do almost anything with a good laser cutter - expect to see lots of fantastic projects posted soon!

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goeon9 years ago
about how much was it?
 D: looks like i gotta rob a bank 
DJ Radio goeon8 years ago
Dude, I heard you were getting sued, don't do it man....
goeon DJ Radio8 years ago
 its over im not getting sued anymore 
DJ Radio goeon8 years ago
oh ok.
bumpus9 years ago
How about a contest to have something cut-out, kinda like Ponoko, but instructables based? I have a few ideas...
bumpus bumpus9 years ago
Sharku bumpus9 years ago
i thinks its a good idea .. i always wanted one.. even if it small........ bump--- :P
bumpus Sharku9 years ago
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