Unconventional Potato Salad

Do you love a potato salad that's out of the norm? Olive oil, or mayo? Heavily spiced, or simple?

This one by The Kitchn, with kalamata olives and parsley, got me thinking. How far out of the envelope can you go with potato salad? A family member makes a fantastic one with bacon bits and dill.

I've never made potato salad, and I'm curious what fun combination are out there.

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Moem5 years ago
Mine has pickled herring, beets and apple... which isn't all that unconventional here. But would you still call that a potato salad?

Recipe is here.
garnishrecipes (author)  Moem5 years ago
Could I also substitute very salty or pickled tuna fish?
Pickled herring isn't really salty... I've never had pickled tuna, but that sounds like it might be a good replacement.
garnishrecipes (author)  Moem5 years ago
Whoa! I've never tried pickled herring. That sounds neat. I think anything with a potato base counts for this discussion. Thank you for the recipe link.
canucksgirl5 years ago
I think its all a matter of preference. I've tried and heard of many kinds but prefer my own recipe that came from my mom. I think its because its what I'm use to, and therefore its my preference.

Some people like using Miracle Whip (which I despise), where others prefer good old fashioned mayonnaise. Diced cooked potatoes and eggs are the other main ingredients, but seasoning and the addition of other ingredients can vary quite a bit. I prefer the basics... some diced dill pickles, salt and pepper, dill, paprika and a little onion powder.

I've heard of celery, raisins, sunflower seeds, chopped apple being used as well. I don't mind them, but I don't usually add them myself. Parsley would be fine (in moderation), and probably olives (if you are a fan of them).
garnishrecipes (author)  canucksgirl5 years ago
I'm with you on the mayonnaise. Miracle Whip doesn't pack an appeal for me. Most of my family who grew up in New England really likes it.

All those flavor suggestions sound yummy. Most of the plain potato salad I've tried chose eggs or mustard as a main flavor. I bet a mustard (powder, not American) potato salad would be good with the celery, raisins, chopped apple, a little curry powder, etc.

I'm going to give it a go when I get back from summer vacation. :)