Underwater Explosions

Let me start this question/thread by saying I live in the middle of the boondocks and have no worries of any legal repercussions for my actions. Regardless, I am lazy, and am looking for an easy way to make an underwater explosive for fishing purposes. If anyone could tell me how, it would be well appreciated. I just want to blow the fish out the water, then row around in my boat, and pick them up.

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Sun Gear9 years ago
its actually illegal to do that for fishing and if some one is in the water then they will die
longbow22529 years ago
i live in the boonies myself, so am glad to help out another redneck. it's simple my friend. get a bag of pelletized dry ice. take a 2 liter plastic pop bottle.add about 3 inches or a little more of sand of gravel to the bottome of it.(this is so it will sink) add pelletized dry ice until bottle is about 3/4 full.(wear gloves, dry ice can burn your skin) then fill bottle with water to top of ice, then screw on lid tightly and toss it in the water.(do this FAST.THE PRESSURE BUILDS VERY QUICK LIKE, AND YOU DON'T WANT THAT SUCKER GOING OFF IN YOUR HAND)it will sink and a few seconds later there will be a big boom and a huge water bubble will surface. it knocks the fish out and they will come to the top out of being disoriented. this is definitely illegal and these instructions are purely for educational purposes only. i do not condone or advise anyone to try this, as it is also dangerous.i accept no responsibility for injury or prosecution if anyone attempts this project.
gmoon10 years ago
Yeah, you clearly know it's illegal. Inefficient, too: only about 1 in 10 fish killed in an explosion float to the surface. The rest just sink. And those game wardens--they tend to take it pretty seriously. So watch your back.
Wow! I would like to see how this turns out!
iman10 years ago
A big rock L2 and a two liter bottle :P
Brennn1010 years ago
Are you serious?
I think he is serious ...
Explove fishing is very very bad for the environment naughty boy hihihihi.
electric fishing (french) can be as productive and less pollutive, and as tricky and "violent", but more clever to my sense. Here some links in english, enjoy :
book about the subject
and why not safety
And if you make a new electric fishing hardware, make an instructable please !
cheers !