Unfinished Ball Machine

Hi guys

umm well the title pretty much says it. For sometime now, many of you have known that I have been working on a new ball machine. However, one thing you should know about the ball machine is that I am quitting on it. :-(


1) Not enough space :-( - see pics
2) Not enough time - I know that you have to make time if you want to K'nex, but over the past month, I have not really had the chance to build at all due to studies and other stuff :-P. Its quite unpredictable when I was going to get it finished by

These are the main reasons why I am quitting as well as I am not sure if I have enough pieces :-(


After tearing down this ball machine, I will begin a new one hopefully. This one will not be high but it will be more wider, compact and dense around the bottom. I am happy to inform you that this will feature a white floor as well as 2 networks as far as I have planned :-).

Anywho, thanks for reading this post and feel free to comment

Also, for any of you wondering, the last picture is a new ball machine lift which I hope to post in a week or two.

Till next time


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JM19993 years ago


hunter999 (author)  JM19993 years ago

Thanks! I am glad you like it :-)

Aw, I are sad now. :(

hunter999 (author)  nerfrocketeer3 years ago

Yup me too :-(. I've already teared down the ball machine.

On the brighter side, production for my new ball machine, might begin on the weekend IF I manage to sort ALL of my pieces out :-P

Also, the website is looking sweat! You did a great job. Very informative! :-D

*torn :P

And I didnt know the website was "sweaty", unless of course you meant "sweet." :P :P :P
hunter999 (author)  nerfrocketeer3 years ago

Yes, I agree I do have bad grammer :-P

And I you do know that the term "sweaty", also means good. Although it is not Standard English, it is slang.

hunter999 (author)  hunter9993 years ago

And you*

Bad grammer....again.

Aight! But I ain't be speakin' in dem ebonics son. So you best beleive that I be up in this hood posted on the block reppin dat blue and orange to all my homies all day and all night mayne! Jeah! XD ;)

P.S. its GrammAr. :P

hunter999 (author)  nerfrocketeer3 years ago

Hehe, yep. I'm not really much of a person who uses slang. Only just a few termas, all the same =D

Sorunome3 years ago

Awe, to bad you had to quit it, it's looking good so far!

(i noticed there's a white rod missing in the floor :P)

Anyways, hopeing you'll be albe to complete your things in the future!

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