Unique Way to Get Around A University Campus

Hey there Instructables Community! I've used this site for years and years for everything from building my computer, making a crossbow, to feeding myself even this day at my University. Now speaking of which, the University of South Florida has a wonderful landscape. Plenty of paved walkways, foliage, and mild inclines here and there. The top 3 most common methods of getting about seem to be Walking, Longboards, and Biking. Now my question is:

What sort of unique device or contraption could I fabricate for getting around campus? 

I've come across custom decks for skateboards and recumbent bikes, but they just don't really give me that creative spark to make it. I want something unique and practical, let's not forget there are a few good slopes here and there I have to overcome. I'm a very fit individual so stamina won't be a hindrance in what I'll be willing to make, although funds are tight. It also has to be something I can either lock up at a bike rack, or carry into class and place it along a wall or carry it up stairs if I can't lock it up outside. Thanks for any advice, suggestions, tips, and such!

P.S. Although it may be a bit off topic from the Rides sub-forum, here's my latest creation thank to Instructables!


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Here's an 'ible that just showed up:


The end result is kind of like the big scooters that were popular in the 50's.
vicvelcro5 years ago
Electric powered street luge?
Kiteman5 years ago
Penny farthing?


Recumbent bike?

One of those pedalled carts from The Prisoner?

Could a pair of mini skateboards plus ski-type clamps become a pair of unique skates?
A unicycle would be a good attention-getter. There are plenty of "used once-like new" unicycles out there that you could trick out with custom graphics or add-ons. I don't know how practical it would be, however.

For practicality and gaining speed with minimal energy expended, there is a cool hybrid of x-country skis and in-line skates. I saw someone using them once on a bike/skate path and REALLY wanted a pair, but they were beyond my budget at the time. They seemed to be more stable than regular in-line skates. If you coud come up with an affordable DIY version, I'd love to see it.
Here's another brand, different design. I think these are the ones I saw: