Universe in a box

I want these so badly it isn't even funny.

From particle zoo:

"The UNIVERSE-IN-A-BOX contains all the particles from the Standard Model plus four theoreticals and two nucleons, for a total of 22 particles, covering most of the known universe."

The site also sells large versions of all of these. :O Want. I know what my next sewing project is...well...I guess actually my second or third next one... ;)


Picture of Universe in a box
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Fizzxwizz8 years ago
Man! I clicked on the thing to this to read about it because a miniature universe sounded crazy to me, and now I've read the comments more that the article and I realized instructables has the|""BEST""EVER""| commenters and some of the best parts of reading an instructable is reading the comments.
Honestly if I'd known I was opening a Pandora's Box I would have limited my comment to "I like the one with three eyes!" or something. Or would that be discrimination against the particles with two eyes?
Well... I think some boxes are meant to be opened. But on the three eyed note, I think you'd best be careful, some of those two eyed ones look like they're on to you.
Lithium Rain (author)  Fizzxwizz8 years ago
:-D I'm so glad you think so, too!
=SMART=8 years ago
$100 !!!!!!!!!!!!! Somebody needs to make these !
jeff-o =SMART=8 years ago
Actually, I think that $100 isn't so bad, considering each one is handmade by a hardworking MAKER somewhere in North America. I'd buy a set if I were more interested in pure physics.
=SMART= jeff-o8 years ago
would you pay $100 to a hard working MAKER in Asia ? if not then thats racist....
Gjdj3 =SMART=8 years ago
Actually, more region-ist than racist.
Unit042 Gjdj38 years ago
No, it's provincialist. Favoring your own area above others. And yes, I would rather pay an american to do the work, as I know he/she will not paint it with lead. (Zing!) Now, why did asia, and then racism name-calling, fire up only after a hardworking american was mentioned? Can someone sort out what everyone meant?
=SMART= wasn't name-calling (as he clarified within the thread). Jeff-o wasn't being either racist or provincialist. As I noted in the course of the discussion, the cost of both materials and labor is substantially higher in North America than in most of Asia. Also, Jeff-o noted that making and selling piecerate is inherently more expensive than bulk (assembly line) production.

And nobody mentioned "hardworking american" (sic). Jeff-o was careful to refer to the whole continent, not a particular national group, and rightly so. Given the relative states of their public educational (or should that be "edjimacational") systems, it is far more likely that a hardworking Canadian would have both the interest in and wherewithal to figure out, cute but meaningful representations for particle physics concepts.
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