Unofficial Caption Contest!

Dad's leaf blower broke. He gave it to me. I took it apart. I didn't have all the necessary tools to finish disassembling it.

So I took a picture of the warning label. Give it a funny caption. You could win UNSPEAKABLE TREASURES!!!

(And expect future 'ibles involving this leaf blower... :-)

Picture of Unofficial Caption Contest!
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Kryptonite8 years ago
1. Look out for lame jokes ahead! 2. Volleyball only to be played with left severed hand. 3. Oh man I hate having only just used super glue and playing soccer! 4. Run if air is orange; please wear gas mask and do not bring hair dryer. 5. Sorry but we're racially discriminative. Blue skies only. 6. Although head phones are better for your ears than ear buds, they may cause a large hole through the back of your head. Wear eye protection to reduce side effects.
V-Man7379 years ago
1. USE EXCITED PUNCTUATION ONLY!!!!!1 2. Give your fingers to the fan. 3. Clothing lacking in fashion will be devoured. 4. Use the wind to make the model's hair fly out for good pictures. 5 and 6 were pwned by Labot. I cannot make any better suggestions.
5. do not read pornography while operating this machine. 6. machine not to be operated by robots. are these better?
It's... it's... it's a win!!!!
1: Danger, warning labels. 2: Warning - Fingers do not make good chicken dippers. 3: Danger - Birds may become inexorably attracted to the leaf blower 4: Keep blondes away, not a blow dryer ir a microwave. 5: Correct operation, read manual with one hand, leafblow with other. 6: Ears are not necessary for operation, star trek visors must be worn at all times.
I don't remember Geordi's visor to look like glasses.
ReCreate8 years ago
My favorite ones i have seen here are
  • Fan blades may produce t-shirt-wearing ghosts by spontaneous generation!
  • Do NOT subject your hand to long hours in front of a fan! Doing so will cause all of your fingers except your thumb and pinky to fall off!
  • You MUST read the instructions holding them in your RIGHT HAND ONLY.
  • Use the wind to make the model's hair fly out for good pictures.
  • Clothing lacking in fashion will be devoured.
  • Careless use may result in loosing chunks out the back of your head, reagardless of any protection used.
  • Read the manual, or you will end up with only one arm to read it from then on.
tomonto9 years ago
1. Attention! 2. Do not put fingers near blade as serious injury may occur. 3.Keep clothing clear of blade. 4. Keep hair clear of blade. 5. Please read the manual. 6. Please use eye and ear protection. Where's my prize?
Derin tomonto8 years ago
If the please part would be removed,us Turks may do it.I would do it with the original state though.
Labot2001 (author)  tomonto9 years ago
Dang, those are good.

And the treasures you win are unspeakable. Therefore, I can't tell you what you've won.
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