Unofficial Digital Art Contest - The New Kiteman.

Time for certain people to put up or shut up.

Apparently my new avatar is no good.

You think you can do better? Go on, then.

Either from scratch, or starting with one of the versions posted below, create a new Kiteman.


  • Not too much fine detail (I want it recognisable at all sizes)
  • It must be recognisably me
  • No purchase necessary.


Er, none, really. Pride. Yes, that's the prize - pride in your own personal accomplishments.


And a side-bet

Somebody else complained that Kitewife has no avatar (like she spends so much time here?)

Anyhoo, if you can come up with a vaguely-similar-style avatar for her...?

She knits, cooks, teaches and puts up with three untidy Makers in the house.

Picture of Unofficial Digital Art Contest - The New Kiteman.
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wow making new/weird kitemen is fun!
now dressed a bit more casually
i tried to do one with a mohawk but it looked really bad
what happens when kiteson steals the drill
Hiyadudez7 years ago
Do another contest, but do a design the Kiteman contest, a bit like the robot designing contest smart did, it would be fun!
toogers8 years ago
hah, too many peppers.
kiteman peppers.jpg
=SMART=9 years ago
I too need a new avatar...
theburn79 years ago
This one has some dimension
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