Unofficial Patch Contest - Macro Photography AND THE WINNERS ARE...

DoNoTincinerate and myself have decided to trial Eric's idea of awarding patches as prizes in informal contests.

We have decided to run a quick contest for members (pro or not) to show off their photography skills.

So the contest is...

"Best macro shot of an electronic device, component or components"

Entries will be judged on clarity, composition and UCF (undefinable coolness factor).

Deadline midnight (UK time!), Saturday 20th June.

Post entries to this topic and we will judge them on Sunday.

Prize: a rosette patch created especially for small contests, awarded entirely at the discretion of DoNoTincinerate and myself.



Just a reminder - it is 51 hours to the deadline.

Don't panic if the image upload bug isn't fixed in time, you can post the images elsewhere (a slide show, flickr etc) and poast a link to them in this topic.



Things are resolved, and I have had other good news.

Judging will happen at the weekend, new entries will be accepted until Midnight Friday 10th July (based on site time-markers).


It was hard to choose, so I chose three. In no particular order... the winners are...

Gmjhowe's chocolate.
Munchman's HDD circuitboard
Bumpus' cell-phone button

With a special mention to Kryptonite for managing to photograph sparks.

Well done, all four - patches are arriving soon.

Picture of Unofficial Patch Contest - Macro Photography AND THE WINNERS ARE...
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ReCreate8 years ago
Wow look at this, Talk about close ups!
What is it?
Under an arduino board, the solder on it...
Wow, that's amazingly close.
yeah i know right?
Goodhart8 years ago
Ok, I found a different way to get my camera to take closer shots....what follows are a few SOT components; the three shots are of the same general area of the board:

MacroShots 001.jpgMacroShots 002.jpgMacroShots 003.jpg
What is this different way of taking close shots?
I held a jeweler's loupe in front of the camera lens..... :-)
*Opens Wikipedia. Types: loupe.* Ahhh that would explain it. I used a magnifying glass which didn't make that much of a difference, so I disregarded it.
I couldn't get the camera close enough (even on close up setting, it would say I was too close to focus on it)
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