Unofficial Safety Committee: What are we? Organization? Etc?

.  Judging by the number of ppl that have signed on to this group, it looks like there is enough interest to see about really doing something.
.  In no particular order or importance:
1) Need name for org.  Do we need Pres/VP/&c?
2) Who in group can give out which "awards"? More than one person?
3) I don't think we need patches - many recipients would see them as awards. I think we should just give as comments to iBles/posts.
4) Need to come up with some guidelines as to what is unsafe enough to deserve a graphic/comment. May want to have a series of small graphics (similar to patches?) such as "High Voltage", "No Safety Procedures/Warnings", &c
5) I don't think we want to take this too seriously and become pedantic about what is posted, but we want to make sure that no one attempts a dangerous iBle without the proper warnings.

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Doctor What7 years ago
I used to be a safety hazard offender. 

I used to eat and solder at the same time.  
That's a good start.  But welding while naked is better.
I tried to cook fried chicken yesterday in my boxers, even though I knew the consequences beforehand...  It wasn't a pleasant experience.  I eventually gave in and had to put on a robe.
Wouldn't the oil pour out through the leg-holes?

When you cook the chicken in your boxers...
nice one
ha!     '_' 
Actually , as young newlyweds, Mrs Skunkbait and I had a similar experience.  Long story short...... Put on clothes before you make french fries!!
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